Solid Surface     VS         Granite


Solid Surface - 100% solid - a blend of natural minerals and high performance acrylics.
Consistent color and pattern run all the way through and cannot wear away.

Granite - Dark, beautiful colors, no solids or white. Tone and texture varies. Shiny surface.


Solid Surface - 65 consistent colors of various textures. Rich visual translucency.

Granite - Dark, beautiful colors, no solids or white. Tone and texture varies. Shiny surface.

Design Versatility

Solid Surface - Can be cut, formed, inlayed, carved, routed, and thermo formed to create
unlimited,unique designs. Solid surface sinks available to create color-coordinated look
with no visible seams. Seamless looking counter tops with angle designs or L-shapes.

Granite - Limited design. No granite sinks available. Sink installation creates visible
seams.L - shapes and angles have visible seams.

Ease of Cleaning

Solid Surface - Easy to clean, with no open seams to trap dirt. Nonporous surface
resists stains. Liquids cannot penetrate.

Granite - Porous surface can stain. Visible seams trap dirt and can be difficult to clean.
Granite is not approved by the FDA for food preparation surfaces.


Solid Surface - Nicks, cuts and scratches are easily removed with ordinary abrasive
cleaner or sandpaper. Solid Surface is repairable - damage can be repaired and not be
noticeable. Like new appearance with minimal maintenance.

Granite - Scratches are hard to remove. Professional care required. Nicks, chips and
cracks may not be repairable. Must be resealed and polished. May need replacement
when damage occurs.

Mold and Bacteria

Solid Surface - Solid Surface meets the FDA standards for food contact for fungal and
bacteria resistance.

Granite - Granite has small surface crevices so its harder to keep them free of mildew
and bacteria. Proper sealing and maintenance can protect against these conditions - as
long as the sealant remains in tact. Even so, granite does not currently meet FDA and
NSF standards for food preparations. Nor do they meet ASTM standards for fungal and
bacterial resistance.

Heat Resistance

Solid Surface - Minor heat damage usually can be buffed away by the homeowner. More
severe heat damage can be repaired by your certified installer. Trivets are recommended
to protect against exposure to extreme heat.

Granite - is very heat resistant; however the sealant used on the hot surface is not.
Trivets also are recommended by the stone industry to prevent thermal shock to the


Solid Surface - Back by a 10 year installed warranty from the manufacturer - covers
product quality and installation. Transferable if you sell your home.

Granite - No warranty unless provided by the installer.
Pro & Cons
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Performance Brochure         
Why choose Solid Surface over granite or quartz?

* Solid Surface is non porous.  It has National Sanitation Foundation(NSF/ANSI
Standard 51)approval and is made with FDA approved materials. Solid Surface
is the most sanitary of all countertop materials, and will withstand disinfection
solutions with zero damage to the material.
* Solid surface can be installed with no visible seams, the only material
capable of this, regardless of the size of the countertop.  No seams is
more sanitary and more beautiful.
* Sinks can be installed integrally, fused seamlessly into the countertop,
leaving no caulk to maintain, no crevices for bacteria to breed, and no
chance for the sink to sag over time.  The adhesive used is a two part
polymer, the same as the top itself, so it is like welding the sink into
place.  Sinks can be replaced if needed.
* Renewable and repairable.  Almost any damage can be fixed easily to
like new condition, entire sections can be cut out and replaced
seamlessly if needed.  If it is time to sell the home, the top can be re
polished back to new condition if needed.  Only Solid Surface is capable
of this renewal.
* Clean it with just about anything.  No special cleaners are needed, soap
and water, 409, Windex, whatever is at hand.
* Solid Surface is easily worked and shaped into almost any imaginable
shape.  This makes special edges economical since it is worked with
common woodworking router bits.  Sink cutouts are usually included in
the price of the top, unlike other materials where it costs hundreds of
dollars to cut and polish a sink or cooktop.  Laminations are done easily
with scrap sections, making the edge as thick as you wish.  Scrap from
cutouts can be pieced together for backsplash or even another
* Solid Surface is more economical than granite or quartz after the edge
profile and cutouts are figured in.  On granite and quartz tops, edge
profile charges can cost over a thousand dollars for an average kitchen,
plus sink cutouts at $250 or more, adding as much as $15.00 per
square foot to the cost of the countertop for a simple bullnose edge.
* Solid Surface isn't radioactive like other materials, nor does it contain
asbestos like some natural stone products.   The NSF rating means
continuous inspection of materials for quality.  
* Solid Surface comes with very long warranty, and must be fabricated
and installed by certified fabricators, your guarantee of quality
workmanship.  The warranty is backed by the manufacturer of the
material, usually big multinational companies that will be around for a
long time.